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So Why Should I Use HR Glore Limited?

Here are a few reasons.



The founder is a HR Geek. Majid Jahangir has worked in HR for over 15 years and graduated with a HR Degree. Majid has worked in a range of sectors including Health, NGO's, NHS, Retail, Banking, Finance, IT - you name it.

Completive Prices

We believe in building long term relationships and appreciate we have to prove ourselves. In order to provide you confidence that we will be able to deliver, we will offer competitive rates for the services we provide.


We have International reach which enables us to provide a more localised and personalised service. We have offices In London, Nairobi, Delhi and the States. We are looking to expand even further.

Please email contact@hrglore.com for further information.

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We take pride in sourcing candidates, we work professionally to find you the perfect job that fits you! Please email contact@hrglore.com for further information.